For adult dogs with food sensitivities.

Duck and Rice - Low Allergen 

Unique protein source- not commonly used, therefore reducing risk of allergies.

Better digestion- optimal with only rice (ensures high digestibility).

Balanced Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids enhance skin and coat health.

Liver digest for enhanced taste and enjoyment.

Vitamin and mineral fortified.

Contains vitamins A, C and E and selenium which act as natural anti-oxidants.

Increased biotin and organic zinc to promote skin and coat health.

Added zeolite and vegetable pulp for better digestive safety.

Only the very best local and imported ingredients to create a highly digestible, nutritiously balanced, appetising diet.

Purposely excluded artificial flavourants and colourants which are potential allergens.

OmegadermTM PLUS is a scientific balance of essential fatty acids and stabilised vitamins and minerals, which promote overall vitality and energy. We have taken great care to ensure the ideal balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids to optimize the overall health of your pet's coat and skin. The recipe includes a unique aromatic blend greatly improving the taste of the food.

VETS Choice Sensitive